“Then comes the end…” I Corinthians 15:24  All good things come to an end!

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Another year is just about finished…less than 12 hours, in my time zone. We celebrate in many different ways, but the most common way is to stay at home for 80% of Americans.  Maybe a home party or a neighborhood gathering, or just family.

Yesterday, a 7 year-old girl was shot and killed in a car driving  out of a parking lot by a man in a pickup truck.  “Didn’t see that coming?” One might ask what a seven year-old could possible do to initiate that kind of response from a person? She was leaving in a car, after shopping with her family.

THEN COMES THE END…!   Have you given thought to how long you have to live? Have you thought about making every day count for the most good? How important is your life or the lives around you?

It could be on the freeway. It could be while you are sitting on the couch in your home. It could be at your workplace. It can happen in the next 30 minutes. Someone acting out in an aggressive way, chooses you as a target.

Jesus says, “I am the WAY…” no one comes to heaven unless they come through what I have done on the Cross of Calvary.    “I AM THE WAY!”

We may not be able to protect against other people while on our journey, but we can know how we will live eternally.  Slipping into oblivion is not what we planned! Knowing THE WAY will guarantee a secure forever! Insure yourself against the future by investing your life in HIM who says, ‘I AM THE WAY!”

Pray a simple prayer:  Father in Heaven, give me peace of mind about my future journey. Help me to believe in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for my sin. Teach me how to follow and obey His words and His life.   In the Name of Jesus, I pray, Amen!

It makes more sense, when I understand it!


On My Father’s Business,


John 14:6