Love More Than These?

Fish over Fire

Fish over an open fire…delicious! Jesus is sitting on the beach: “Come and have breakfast.” (Jn. 21:12-ESV)  Looks mighty good.

Jesus engages Simon Peter in a personal word. “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” (Jn. 21:15-ESV)

Is it obvious who or what Jesus is referring to by “these?” “Do you love me more than the other disciples?”  Or “Do you love me more than these…fish?” Ha! The humor of God may be over-the-top. We may miss the depth of His question.

Fish were created to do what? Do fish complain? Do they worry about tomorrow? Do they grumble about their predicaments? Do they disobey what God purposed for them?

Fish do exactly what God purposed them to do and fully engaged. They depend upon God for all provisions. All animals in creation do what they are purposed to do.

Man is the only purposed creation of God who was given a will. He can rebel against God, ruling forces (government, jobs, etc.), mates and partners, and children against parents. We do as we want.

Peter do you love me like these fish? Do you do exactly what I purposed for you to do in life? The way to an abundant life is to know what we are created to do. Do you love Me more than these? And the fish said, “Amen!”


On My Father’s Business,




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