I went to “THE RECOVERY CHURCH” in Minneapolis.  This is truly the message of Christ to each of us.  This church is a “spiritual community for people in search of growth, healing, and recovery.”  They deal with afflicted people.  I AM ONE.

You can’t tell by looking at the congregation who is in recovery, and who is not….or isn’t that the real point.  We all need  recovery in our lives,  from some afflictions, but we don’t always recognize what afflictions we have.

Recovery….means to gain back for ourselves, something that has been taken away or lost.  Restoration from sickness back to health.  This church is trying to help people be restored to a life without alcohol, drugs, or any of several other afflictions.  Don’t all Churches do that….?

Luke 15:3-32- Jesus tells parables about LOST…Sheep…Coin….Son, a Prodigal (one who spends lavishly) Son.  All have the distinct idea that there was a condition…set at one time…which was whole.  But something has been taken away or  lost and the only way to back to wholeness is to RESTORE…or RECOVER…that which is lost.

HOPE Purple

Jesus’ message is wholeness to those who are not whole, sight to those who cannot see, or maybe, hearing to those who cannot hear.  You see, if you think about yourself and are truthful, you also have needs that you may not be able to solve on your own.

And this is the message of GOD:  Restoring, or recovery to all of us to our original condition, (prior to the condition we find ourselves today.)

When the Shepherd finds his sheep, there is great rejoicing.  When the woman finds a lost coin, she calls friends and neighbors and says, “Rejoice with me.”  When the lost son comes home, his father rejoices and even holds a feast.

When I find something that has been lost, I am very happy.

What do you want to restore/recover in your life?  Jesus’ ministry is to bring you back to your original condition.  Consider today recovery/restoration in one area of your life through Christ.  Restoration/Recovery is within your power if you want it.

On My Father’s Business,


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