Psalms 139:16 “God’s eyes saw your ‘unformed substance’; and in His book…all the days of your life were written, The days that were ordained for me (and you), When as yet there was not one day already lived.”  (Paraphrased) NASB

All your days, from before the day you were conceived until the day you will die, have already been written down in a book.  DO YOU NOT WANT TO READ THAT BOOK?

Curiosity killed someone’s cat. I was not a mistake or an accident. There was a plan far before I ever existed, of how everything was going to go and I am simply now seeing how it is, and reading that book for myself.

I know now, that the plan for my life, was ordained–or destined–or set aside as very important.  I have been on THE WAY of my Journey, seeking out how that Book would reveal to me those secrets of how I was going to live.

Today, unlike when I was a teenager, or early 20s, I have seen many things about my life, that have helped me to realize MY importance in the universe. It has given me hope and direction, as I open the Book, and read things that I never knew.

Just recently NASA disclosed, or revealed to us that there is a Star (like our sun) 40 light years away from us, that has revolving around it, seven planets very similar to earth. They believe that on those planets they will discover some form of water, life-giving product.

We have heard and learned over the years, there might be other inhabitants in the universe. What keeps us from finding out that in another solar system, (there are many) some form of mankind, was developed and formed and living out their lives, and we now can discover that life.

Check out NASA sometime and see the greatness of our Universe, and what they are discovering. I am amazed at the discoveries in just the last 10-20 years.

THE WAY of your Journey, has already been written, and you can discover it for yourself. It starts with curiosity, and reading. It means we need to let go of preconceived ideas and let our minds help us “unlock” the mysteries of this great Journey that we are on in life. Join me!

On My Father’s Business,


It makes more sense, when I understand it!THE WAY!


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