A snare is used to trap…and it inhibits the “trapped one” from going about a healthy and complete lifestyle.

A.W. Tozer wrote, “Religious externals may have a meaning for the God-inhabited soul; for any others they are not only useless but may actually become snares, deceiving them into a false and perilous sense of security.” “EVENINGS WITH TOZER Daily Devotional Readings A. W. Tozer” compiled by Gerald B. Smith, Feb. 26-“The importance of Right Relationship with God.”

Have you ever given any thought to all the “religious activity” that you do and many times when you talk about “religious issues” that, in fact, it does not make you anything. It is like the clothes on your back, just “window dressing.” Talking about medical procedures, does not enable you to conduct those procedures on others. Talking about parenting does not mean you are a good parent.

The truth is that going to church can give us a false sense of security about life. Talking religion does not necessarily mean your heart embraces a lifestyle of Godliness, or a relationship with God. Some think they go to the right church, and they do the right things, but that is not the truth. It is always a matter of the heart!

Jesus explained it in Matt. 5 by saying that murder and anger towards someone, are the same, because it is an internal expression that we are exhibiting. The value we hold towards a living being, whether we murder them or we get angry at them, is basically overflowing from the same emotional pain that we are struggling with in our lives.

We can get convinced that we are good people because we show up/attending all the time. We can believe that we give to the collection, we have done our duty, but in fact, living this life, is a 24/7 job. It means that I must from my heart, live a life that embodies what we talk about.

Sometimes I get angry, as we all do, and I have to stop and remind myself, that children are “small” people and the feelings that I have cannot be displayed upon them, in the same tension, as if it were an adult.

But, I need to learn to treat all people with respect and dignity, as if they were just like me. Then I well be able to help myself see the importance of others and how important they are to me.

On My Father’s Business,


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