We all are traveling a Journey in life.  I found my parents, and my family greatly helped me in early years in that Journey. Then when I went to school, I found teachers and peers/classmates/friends helped me along the Journey. As I went off to college it was the same, and in the service there were commanding officers who replaced teachers.

When I went to work, I found employers and people in “chain of command” settings that helped me along the way. But in my life, I also had to make many decisions, on my own instincts, and my own intuition. I had to “muster” up my own reasoning power to make some decisions, and sometimes, I was inadequate to make good decisions with good results. Sometimes, I blew it…and suffered for it.

Robert Frost was my inspiration years ago, and has been my favorite writer to guide me when he suggested in a poem, “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN,” that we choose in life the trails, and paths that we take in our Journey. There are before us at least two trails, one which is well worn, and traveled, and another trail that looks as if no one has gone that way, or at a minimum, very few people choose to walk in that direction.  His conclusion was that the direction he felt best suited his life, was the trail not very well worn. He went in a way which was not usually how others saw the Journey.

I have made many decisions and walked in my Journey, very similar as this poem indicates, of a path which is uniquely processed in my own thinking. I travel alone, and I tread where others do not seem to want to go. The adventure of the Journey is what excites me, not just the destination.

I find the adventure is in the planning of the Journey, the features of what the Journey will be like, and then actually executing the Journey. Yes, I have a destination in mind, but there are many ways to get there, and I am willing to take a left, when others go right. This has made all the difference for me. I regret nothing, along the way, because I knew I made the best choice at that time, and even if I could go back and try a different suggestion, I would not choose a different direction.

Maybe my Journey will help you with insights into your Journey. Surely, you will be surprised by some of MY Journey, but it might also give you new insight into how your can enhance your Journey. Wouldn’t that be great!  To find THE WAY to embrace a Journey that is YOUR Journey. THE WAY!

On My Father’s Business,

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