THE WAY! Mark 12:14

In this world, there seems to be a constant confusion of what is going on around us. Wouldn’t it be helpful, if things began to make sense in politics, in education, in business, in religion, in moral standards, etc.?

Be are told we are on a path to “making America great again!” When does that all start, and how will I know it from where I am standing? In what ways will America be great?

This will definitely be a great year, if things work out the way we have been led to believe. Or maybe, there will be so much chaos, that anarchy will rise up among us.

I sense people from around the country are beginning to see this already happening in their neighborhoods, and among their friends and relatives.

SO WHAT IS THE WAY OUT OF ALL THIS! I hope this will be an inspiration for you to consider “alternative” thinking so that you can find peace, comfort, and joy in your journey.

I hope to “teach THE WAY of God in Truth,…” so that you will find this peace of mind, and your journey will become joyful!  Mark 12:14

On My Father’s Business,


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